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About our Hire Service

In addition to those items available to hire onsite for rehearsals and recording, we also offer affordable offsite dry (ie you collect, we don't deliver) hire of lighting & backline (drums, guitar and bass guitar amps). In addition, we have P.A systems for band gigs, weddings, corporate conferences, general public address etc.

These range from simple to use (and very reasonably priced) small rigs suitable for pubs and clubs, to larger more robust "top of the range" systems for larger venues and outdoor use.
A selection of our 2018 out hire prices

£20 8 Channel PA mixer Head (suitable for small venue/pub) (ipod and laptop compatible)
£25 Power amp (various - 2K / 3.4k etc)
£30 PA Speakers (pair) Eg Peavey XT2s or similar
£35 PA Speakers (pair) Martin F15s (high end spec)
£40 Bass Bins (pair) Martin F18s (high end spec)
£5 Speaker stands (pair)
£10 Mini mixing desk 4 channel
£25 Mixing desk 10 channel
£40 Mixing Desk 16 channel
£15 Multicore (8)
£7 Monitor (passive)
£5 Basic vocal/instrument Mic Set (mic/lead/stand)
£15 Shure SM57/58 Mic Set (mic/lead/stand)
£15 Radio Mic
£7 Bass Drum Mic
£30 Drum mic set
£5 DI Box / mic lead
£35 PA Rig No.1 (PA head, 2 speakers, stands, 2 mic sets, all leads) (ipod and laptop compatible)
£45 PA Rig No.2 (PA Head, 2 speakers, stands, 3 mic sets, 2 passive monitors, all leads) (ipod and laptop compatible)
£60 PA Rig No.3 (2 x PA heads, 2 speakers, 2 passive monitors, stage splitter box (for seperate monitor mix), stands, 3 mic sets, all leads) (ipod and laptop compatible)
£7 Bass Head
£7 Bass Cab
£10 Bass Combo
£10 Bass Guitar
£7 Guitar Head Solid State
£7 Guitar Cab
£10 Electric Guitar
£3 Keyboard Stand / Guitar Stand
£30 Drums (mapex kit, without cymbals or snare)
£50 Full drum kit deal (Mapex kit, cymbal set and snare)
£7 Snare Drum
£15 Cymbal set (one crash, one ride, pair hats)
£5 /£8 Single / Double Bass Pedal
£30 DJ Dual CD Decks
Various Lighting Rigs from £30 - ask for details P.O.A

In addition to the hire fee, a £100 returnable* security/damage deposit is required when you book.

Please note that if you cancel your booking within 48 hrs of the intended collection time, a cancellation charge will be applied.

* Equipment returned late will be subject to a further days hire charge.

We are able to take payments for hire in cash or card. However, please note that due to a change in law concerning merchants costs associated with processing refunds by card, we are only able to take security deposits in cash.

Please note that all prices are correct as at 01.01.18,and are based on a hire period of 24 hours - but please call to confirm prices when booking as we reserve the right to update prices at any time. Prices are based on customer collection (and return).

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