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Got some CDs to sell?

Then why not drop some in to us?

We will soon be stocking and selling a selection of CDs from local bands/artists. We'll also be playing them on a rotation basis in the reception - all we ask in return is a 10% cut of any item sold (eg. an album sells for £6.00, you get £5.40 and we get 60p) and your permission to play your tunes to our customers. You don't even have to rehearse at Plug to hawk your wares here - it's all about collaboration and support.

There are proper forms to fill out and everything! It's almost like we're in the music business!
The home of Thrashersaurus

Every year, Plug Studios has put on a local three day metal festival here in Norwich, called Thrashersaurus - all orchestrated, arranged and promoted by the local legends and original Plug owners, Errol Watson and Kim Ives.

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